Photo captures magic moment plane flies through double rainbow at Auckland Airport

Could it be a sign of good luck for the travel industry?
Could it be a sign of good luck for the travel industry? Photo credit: Auckland International Airport

If the view that welcomed workers at Auckland International Airport on Thursday morning is anything to go by, things are looking promising for a return to travel normality.

A photo captured the moment a plane flew through the middle of a double rainbow, passing just above workers carrying out repair and maintenance work on the airport's runway. 

The rainbow is considered a symbol of hope in many cultures, while a double rainbow is sometimes seen as a symbol of transformation and is a sign of good fortune. All of the above would be welcomed by travellers and travel operators alike at the moment.

Carrying out repairs to Auckland's runway hasn't been easy as the airport only has one, so they have to be undertaken without the runway being closed.

The runway repair project, which has provided jobs for 150 people, was brought forward due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The massive reduction in flights made the work less problematic.

The weather was less kind at Wellington Airport on Wednesday as the majority of its inbound flights were cancelled and many departures delayed due to heavy fog.