Stunning silo art a key attraction on 'Australia's ultimate road trip'

Stunning painted silos are part of a project offering a lifeline to drought-hit rural Australian towns.

The silo art movement began in Northam, Western Australia in 2015 and there are currently 35 silos depicting often photo-realistic people and animals, with many more yet to come.

The idea is gaining popularity in struggling small-town communities as a way of attracting tourists to areas that have seen the economic lifeblood of farming decimated by the droughts.

Annette Green, photographer and ambassador for the Australian Silo Art Trail, has been documenting the ongoing project.

"People are walking away from their farms and small business in affected towns are feeling the pinch," says Green.

"So what can small towns do to save their towns and attract visitors and tourism growth? Many have chosen to join the silo art trail movement and paint their silos."

The Australian Silo Art Trail website describes the trail as Australia's "ultimate road trip".

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