Traveller's photo of Trump supporter 'perfectly captures' US response to COVID-19

The passenger is wearing his mask, but not where he should be.
The passenger is wearing his mask, but not where he should be. Photo credit: Twitter/@BrynnTannehill

There's much that can be said about Donald Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and how widespread the virus has become in the US as people seemingly turn a blind-eye to the threat in favour of the freedom to shop, drink and party.

But a picture paints a thousand words and that's definitely the case in this photo captured by journalist Brynn Tannehill, aka 'Cassandra of Troy' on Twitter.

The image shows a man who appears to be a Trump supporter wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat slumped in his chair on a domestic flight in the US.

Despite Trump's resistance to wearing a mask, this supporter decided he would use the complimentary mask given to him... by putting it over his eyes.

"I don't think anything I've seen so perfectly captures why there's no way the US is going to be getting on top of COVID-19 pandemic anytime soon," Tannehill's tweet says.

With 170,000 retweets and 580,000 likes at time of publication, the tweet has generated a lot of attention and feedback.

"That picture will define this moment in history," Project Lincoln said.

Another person said the man was simply "blinded by the right".

The association representing the airlines of the US recently announced passengers refusing to wear masks onboard may be banned from flying.