Business class passenger's complaint about Singapore Airlines during COVID-19 ridiculed online

"Privilege much?"
"Privilege much?" Photo credit: Getty/Newshub

A complaint posted by a disgruntled business class traveller on Singapore Airlines' Facebook page has gone viral with its claim COVID-19 restrictions made the airfare "daylight robbery". 

The passenger - who we have chosen not to name, but whose comments are still visible online - said the airline "should be ashamed of itself".

The complaint relates to SQ324 on June 20 between Singapore and Amsterdam and talks in depth about a lack of champagne and a "special goodbye".

"Singapore Airlines should be ashamed of itself for charging so much for a flight that was worth very little," it begins.

"Just like all restaurants which were forced to do take-out service at a discount during lockdown, Singapore Airlines should be charging 30 percent less for its business flights," the passenger said, before listing his reasons why.

No champagne aboard the business cabin

"No champagne. How then is my cabin different from economy? You have one red wine, one white wine, tiger beer onboard for business flights. I suppose this is what is also available for economy flights? Shouldn't you make a difference for business to at least have one champagne?"

"You mean that business ticket prices do not justify an additional drink? Your cabin staff did not even offer an extra drink."

"I had to ask for it." 

The crew were having fun

"Despite not serving us, I noticed whenever I went to the toilet, that there was no safe distancing amongst cabin crew. They were chatting, having personal fun."

"I did not appreciate that on principle I was treated like a potential infectious customer by your staff." 

The passenger then said while a Japanese crew member was friendly, staff from Singapore were "sullen as they served, but enjoyed themselves in the kitchen".

"Your cabin staff did not even offer an extra drink, I had to ask for it."
"Your cabin staff did not even offer an extra drink, I had to ask for it."

Champagne for everyone! 

"A business class flight should at least have a drink service (and here, the champagne is very important to make a difference between economy and business cabin), and a post dinner drink."

"I think that given all this, Singapore Airlines should deduct 30 percent of its regular business prices."

"Worst of all, no special goodbye from the chief steward for loyal customers. What's happened to basic manners on a business flight?"

But the complainant doesn't finish there.

"I have other concerns about the lounge - no first class. This is tolerable but no champagne again in the business lounge. This is ridiculous. It's inequitable cost cutting and fleecing of your loyal customers." 

Singapore Airlines politely responded saying they would take his concerns onboard. Fellow passengers on the Facebook page were less forgiving, however.

"I nearly cried... world's smallest violin," Jeremy Birgé replied.

"By the way, what does a special goodbye involve? Just wanted to know, as a reference point, in case I've been shortchanged all these years," BK Tan said.

Singapore Airlines Economy vs Business Class
Singapore Airlines Economy vs Business Class Photo credit: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines business class - was this 'daylight robbery'?

In business class, passengers are seated in a hand stitched leather seat designed by Poltrona Frau. It reclines into a fully flat bed with sculpted wings and seats in the centre of the aircraft come with a divider that can be removed to create a double bed for couples.

Each passenger has an 18 inch full HD monitor as well as noise-cancelling headphones and over 1000 entertainment options.

In terms of food, the 'Book the Cook' service allows passengers to custom order a meal to their taste before flying, which is then served on porcelain from Narumi.

However, despite those luxuries, it was the lack of champagne that spoiled one man's day.