Mapped: Where you'll find the oldest operating restaurants in the world

Mapped: Where you'll find the oldest operating restaurants in the world.
Photo credit: Netcredit

A map has been released online showing the oldest operating restaurant in almost every country on the planet, including New Zealand.

When the COVID-19 pandemic isn't raging as wildly and international travel is safe again, foodies can use the map to dine out at the oldest eateries in the world.

A trip around Europe and Asia could include eating at some of the very oldest restaurants on the planet in countries like Germany, China, Japan, Poland, and Austria - where you can feast at a restaurant that's well over 1000 years old.

The oldest restaurants in the world.
Photo credit: Netcredit

The map was published by Netcredit, a US-based online financial services provider.

As for the oldest restaurant in Aotearoa, it's believed to be The Gables in Russell, whose owners say it was "built from pit-sawn Kauri in 1847 on whalebone foundations".

"Back [in 1847], Russell or Kororāreka as it was known was nothing like the charming seaside town of today," the restaurant's website says.

"Without laws Russell was dubbed 'The Hell Hole of the Pacific', a town full of come-ashore whalers on the hunt for rum and women."

Netcredit says the signature dish of The Gables is seafood and New Zealand lamb while the website's current menu lists classic meals like fish and chips or steak and salad.

The 10 oldest restaurants in the world, according to NetCredit's research:

  1. Austria's St Peter Stifts Kulinarium, founded in 803
  2. Germany's Wurtskuchl, founded in 1146
  3. Wales' The Old House, founded in 1147
  4. China's Ma Yu Ching's Bucket Chicken House, founded in 1153
  5. Ireland's The Brazen Head, founded in 1198
  6. Poland's Piwnica Świdnicka, founded in 1273
  7. France's La Couronne, founded in 1345
  8. Scotland's The Sheep Heid Inn, founded in 1360
  9. Liechtenstein's Hotel Gasthof Löwen, founded in 1380
  10. Japan's Honke Owariya, founded in 1465