'Use one urinal at a time' sign in US airport toilet causing confusion amongst men

Reddit takes aim at urinal sign.
Reddit takes aim at urinal sign. Photo credit: Reddit

A sign on the wall in a men's toilet at an airport in Austin, Texas has caused confusion and amusement from travellers, as well as people online.

The 'Use one urinal at a time' sign was meant to encourage social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but its poor wording resulted in toilet humour.

One local on Reddit said it took him all day to figure out what the poster meant, but that he had finally cracked the case.

"I don't think it means 'Do not use two urinals simultaneously to show off your demipenis'," he said.

"I bet the bathroom has two urinals in it. So if somebody's using one of them, they don't want you to use the other until that person finishes?"

Fellow Reddit user Artemus Hackwell agreed, adding: "It's a policy I've insisted upon well before 'rona."

It's not the first time an airport sign has caught the attention of travellers and been widely shared online.

A sign at Dallas Love Field Airport in Texas had a message for both dog owners, and dogs themselves. 

The dog whispering airport?
The dog whispering airport? Photo credit: Reddit

"Grrrr, Bark, Woof," it said, claiming it was instructing dogs to behave.

In the Indian city of Chennai, passengers are reminded not to eat the carpet. 

Missing a word?
Missing a word? Photo credit: Reddit

Dropping the word "on" from a sentence really can change its meaning.