Flying in and out of Auckland: What you need to know about COVID-19 alert level 3

As Auckland moves back into COVID-19 alert level 3 there have been changes made around how people can travel in and out of the city.

Auckland International Airport has said more than 13,000 people are expected to pass through the domestic terminal doors on Wednesday alone, following the decision to move the Auckland region to alert level 3.

"We are asking that only those with travel booked for today to come to our terminals, to ensure that travellers and staff can maintain physical distancing," said Anna Cassels-Brown, the airport's general manager of operations.

"The wellbeing of everyone working and travelling through our terminals is our top priority. As well as leaving space between people who aren't part of your travel group, we would strongly recommend travellers come prepared with a mask to wear in the terminal and on their flight."

Auckland Airport's alert level 3 rules:

  • Am I allowed to catch a domestic flight out of Auckland?
    You can leave on a departing flight out of Auckland Airport if you are travelling home or are leaving to undertake an essential service. 
  • Am I allowed to catch a domestic flight into Auckland?
    People can fly into Auckland if they are travelling home, transiting through Auckland, or if they are an essential worker travelling to perform essential services. 
  • Am I allowed to travel to the airport to catch an international flight leaving the country?
    Yes. People can travel within Auckland to catch an outbound international flight. 
  • I need to catch a domestic flight to get home, can I get into the terminal?
    Yes. But under level 3, only passengers with valid tickets to fly can enter the terminal buildings.
  • Do I have to wear a mask?
    Currently the Government advice is that it is highly recommended that you wear one under alert level 3. Masks are required on some flights and you are best to check with your airline. Air NZ and Jetstar will provide masks on flights where they're required for passengers who don't have their own.
  • My friend/relative is flying out, can I farewell them inside the terminal?
    No. Under alert level 3, only passengers with valid tickets to fly can enter the terminal buildings. You can pick up or drop off outside the terminals. 
  • Is it safe inside the terminal?
    All staff and guests are being asked to follow social-distancing protocols - that means keeping a safe space between yourself and anyone you don't know. The frequency of cleaning on high-touch surfaces has been increased and all staff and guests are encouraged to wear masks. 
  • Will my flight be cancelled?
    For information on flights, you'll need to contact your airline.

These measures will be in place for the duration of Auckland's alert level 3 period, which will run until at least midnight on Friday.