Hong Kong Express investigates ground collision of two aircraft at Hong Kong International Airport

Luckily both aircraft were empty at the time.
Luckily both aircraft were empty at the time. Photo credit: Getty Images

Many of us know how expensive a nose-to-tail can be in a car, but imagine the cost when two multi-million dollar aircraft collide. 

That's the case for airline Hong Kong Express, which has had two of its Airbus A321 aircraft collide on the tarmac at Hong Kong International Airport.

The crew of the aircraft registered as 'B-LEF' probably couldn't believe what had happened when its tug drove the A321 into the back of 'B-LEG', which was parked at a gate at the time.

"While a Hong Kong Express aircraft without passengers onboard was being towed on the taxiway by ground handling staff of China Aircraft Services Limited, it collided with a parked aircraft, also of the same airline," the airline spokesperson said.

"The airline is currently communicating with its service provider and undertaking a detailed investigation of the incident.

"Both aircraft were damaged."

Local police confirmed they were called to Chek Lap Kok following the incident which took place before 10am on Wednesday (local time) and would be submitting a report to the Civil Aviation Department.

"There was a minor collision between two aircraft and no casualties were reported," a police spokesperson told the South China Morning Post.

The handling of the aircraft by the contracted third party was forming part of the airline's investigation. 

Hong Kong Express is a low-cost airline and operates single-class economy aircraft, the total capacity of the Airbus A321s is around 230 passengers.