Futuristic 'Flying-V' plane passes scale model test flight

A fuel efficient new V-shaped airplane that could one day carry passengers in its wings has passed a scale model flight test in Germany.

A group of engineers working on the new 'Flying-V' aircraft worked with staff from Airbus at a guarded German airbase with the goal of getting new airliner off the ground.

The new aviation concept was developed by Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and is backed by major Dutch airline, KLM.

At 3m wide and 22.5kg, the model used in the test flight is much smaller than the full-size version the group has planned.

Using the data collected from the test flight, the team will be able to make any aerodynamic changes to the model before proceeding with the project.

While in the air, the team tested every aspect of the aircraft, from wheel and flaps deployment to aerodynamics and take-off efficiency. 

The model will be tested in the air numerous times over the next few months, with wind tunnel tests also taking place on the ground.