Passenger opening plane door 'to get fresh air' with walk on wing caught on camera

A passenger on a Ukraine International Airlines flight has taken the challenge of being first off a landing aircraft to a whole new level this week.

The woman, who complained of feeling overheated, "opened the emergency exit and went on to the wing" once the plane had landed in Kiev after flying from Turkey, the airline said in a statement.

Witnesses said the woman opened the overwing emergency door on the Boeing 737-800 before walking up and down its wing in an effort to cool down.

Video posted on social media captured the August 31 (local time) incident, showing the woman walking along the wing as though it were the deck of a villa or holiday home, rather than the wing of a modern aircraft. At times she less than a metre away from the engine, which is capable of killing someone instantly.

Local media reported the woman's children were pointing and yelling "that's our mum" during the incident.

Border authorities were called, as were police and an ambulance. Tests for any sign of alcohol or drugs came back negative.

The airline confirmed the passenger was on vacation with her husband and children and said she was setting a poor "parental example" and should face an "exceptionally high financial penalty".

Ukraine International Airlines also blacklisted the woman, meaning she will never be allowed to fly with them again.