Revealed: Australia's most beautiful buildings that aren't the Opera House

Australia's Traveller website has just released a list of Australia's most beautiful buildings that aren't the Sydney Opera House.

The list is a real mixture of traditional, such as Parliament building in Canberra, to the less obvious such as the Adelaide Oval sports ground.

The Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.
The Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne. Photo credit: Getty

The Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

Built in 1880, this absolutely amazing building is one that tourists often discover on their own while walking around Melbourne.  It doesn't feature in tourist guides as much as it should.

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne.
Flinders Street Station, Melbourne. Photo credit: Getty

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

It's probably the most well-known building in Melbourne. It's just as popular on postcards as it is on Instagram.

It's both a meeting place, and at times a place to avoid due to how busy it can get during rush hour with thousands of Melbournians moving between work and home on the city's rail network which is centred within the station.

Federation Square, Melbourne.
Federation Square, Melbourne. Photo credit: Getty

Federation Square, Melbourne

Just across the road from Flinders Street Station is Federation Square. It's a space that's often used for outdoor events, protests and as the starting point for anyone new to the city about to explore.

Rose Seidler House, Wahroonga, NSW

What was once just a residential home is now a well-known museum. Rose Seidler House is considered to be one of the most iconic examples of modernism in the world.

Parliament House, Canberra.
Parliament House, Canberra. Photo credit: Getty

Parliament House, Canberra

Hobbits and Teletubbies weren't the only ones to occupy buildings constructed within a hill.

While it's not obvious from the ground, Australia's Parliament House is shaped to resemble a pair of boomerangs.

The Adelaide Oval.
The Adelaide Oval, Adelaide. Photo credit: Getty

The Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

This famous cricket ground has been praised for preserving some of its historic elements such as the scoreboard and the grass embankment, while at the same time modernising the stadium overall.

From the air, it's definitely one of the most scenic cricket grounds in the world.