Allianz Partners NZ announces COVID-19 cover for domestic travel

  • 22/10/2020
Domestic New Zealand travel insurance now offering cover against COVID-19 medical and travel disruption costs.
Photo credit: Getty

New Zealanders wanting to travel around the country and buy insurance to protect them against COVID-19 disruptions are being offered a new product.

However, the insurance won't cover a trip being cancelled due to a new lockdown.

Allianz Partners NZ says it's one of the first providers in the country to announce coverage directly related to COVID-19. Customers could claim for cancellation and medical expenses should they contract an epidemic or pandemic disease, such as COVID-19. 

If you bought the insurance, you could also make a claim if a travelling companion rather than yourself caught the disease, causing the trip to be cancelled.

As with all insurance policies, there are exclusions and anyone interested in purchasing should carefully read the Policy Wording for what would and wouldn't be covered.

Allianz Partners NZ says the insurance "does not cover general travel disruption as a result of epidemic or pandemic diseases such as COVID-19, including Government-mandated lockdowns".

The medical benefits would only apply if a customer contracted COVID-19 after they'd departed on their trip.

Allianz Partners NZ says it's rolling out the epidemic and pandemic domestic travel cover from the end of October and at this stage is not looking to offer it to international travellers.