'Skill, dexterity and guts': Wild video shows pilots battling Storm Erik at Gatwick Airport

The footage was taken during 2019's Storm Erik in the UK.
The footage was taken during 2019's Storm Erik in the UK. Photo credit: JustPlanes.com

Some of the most wild landings to be caught on camera have been shared online by aviation video website JustPlanes.com.

The company, which sells in-cockpit videos, recorded the action at London's Gatwick Airport during Storm Erik in February, 2019.

Wind gusts of more than 80km/h made for some of the most dramatic airport action ever to be shared on social media. The video racked up tens of thousands of hits within just a couple of days of being posted.

Pilots in control of aircraft both large and small battle the windy and in some cases blizzard-like conditions while trying to land or take off.

Even the gigantic Airbus A380 appears to be battered by the strong winds as it takes off towards the camera.

"Top three crosswind landings and #1 crosswind takeoff I have EVER seen. Skill, dexterity and guts, and sometimes a little luck," YouTube user Stormin Normin commented on the video.

Wendy Raymond described the video as the "most impressive footage", complimenting the pilots' ability to take off and land in such rough weather.

In the video, aircraft can be seen carrying out a go-around, a procedure where the pilot aborts the landing with the runway in sight. These can often look very dramatic, despite being common practice in stormy weather.