The most popular airlines on Facebook revealed

One airline has just surpassed 20 million followers.
One airline has just surpassed 20 million followers. Photo credit: Getty/Newshub

Qatar Airways has become the most followed airline in the world on Facebook, recently passing the 20 million followers milestone.

The award-winning airline began its social media journey in 2012 and today has amassed a combined total of more than 26 million across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Doha-based airline first became the most popular carrier ever on Facebook when it passed eight million fans in December, 2014.

Qatar Airways' steady climb to be the most liked airline on Facebook has been a result of its increasing investment in social media content, including its 100,000 tickets giveaway for medics, A350-1000 delivery campaign and FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 promotions.

Most popular airlines on social media:


  1. Qatar 20,363,713
  2. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 14,299,089
  3. Emirates 10,656,686
  4. Air France 7,342,515
  5. Saudia Airlines 6,515,676
Germany - March 21, 2018: Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner flying at crusing level 400 over Germany
Photo credit: Getty.


  1. Air Asia Indonesia 4,104,634
  2. Garuda Indonesia 3,412,627
  3. Cebu Pacific 3,338,066
  4. Air Asia 3,312,002
  5. Philippine Airlines 3,030,849

Closer to home:

  • Air New Zealand has 2,022,676 people following it's Facebook account
  • Jetstar New Zealand has 145,525 followers, Jetstar Australia has 738,695
  • Qantas has 1,508,969 Facebook followers
  • Virgin Australia has 936,610 Facebook followers 
  • And the industry's underdog, Air Chathams has an impressive 12,202 Facebook followers.

Qatar Airways Senior Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications Salam Al Shawa said the massive rise in followers during the pandemic has proven the value of social media as a communications tool during a crisis.

"The fact that we have grown by four million followers during the pandemic speaks for the credibility and resilience of our airline. The importance of social media to Qatar Airways as a way to directly reach our passengers cannot be overstated as we keep aiming to create quality content while actively engaging with our followers in a way they can relate," Al Shawa said.

According to the latest IATA data, Qatar Airways has become the largest international carrier currently flying. Its decision to maintain services on many of its routes at the height of the pandemic as part of its "taking people home" campaign means it has been flying more passengers than any other airline.