Jet2 passenger fined after threatening to urinate on cabin crew over face mask rules

The 57-year-old man admitted to being drunk.
The 57-year-old man admitted to being drunk. Photo credit: Getty.

A passenger who flew on budget airline Jet2 last month has been fined £660 for allegedly threatening to urinate on and injure a member of the cabin crew who had asked him to wear a mask.

The 57-year-old man pleaded guilty when he appeared in court in Manchester, UK on Monday (local time).

Christopher Tooth was flying with his 34-year-old son from Cyprus to Manchester on October 23 when the incident happened.

It's reported that Tooth became abusive and aggressive towards a member of the cabin crew after his son was accused of eating one of the crew member's meals.

Tooth's son was then reminded to wear a face mask, as required, for the duration of the flight.

Prosecutors told the Manchester Magistrates Court that Tooth had first threatened to urinate on a crew member before leaving his seat and urinating on the door of the onboard toilet.

Tooth allegedly threatened the cabin crew manager, telling them he'd "f**king drag you off this plane".

Once the aircraft had landed, Tooth got out of his seat and attempted to use the bathroom again. When he was told to sit down by airline staff, he reportedly replied by asking: "Shall I piss on you then, wanker?"

"Once the plane came to a standstill, he made his way to the rear of the aircraft to go to the toilet, which was locked. He broke the handle into the toilet and urinated with the door open in view of the female crew member," lawyers told the court. 

Tooth, who admitted to being drunk at the time, had also urinated in his seat.

Tooth's son Matthew was also due to appear in court on similar charges, but didn't present himself to the court and a warrant for his arrest has been issued.

Earlier last month, a passenger on a Delta Airlines flight made a complaint to police that she had woken during the flight to a man urinating on her who was later identified to be a pastor.