Passenger taken into custody after attempting to open door of Hawaiian Airlines A330 mid-flight

FBI officials in the US have taken a man into custody after he allegedly made an attempt to open a door on a Hawaiian Airlines flight, mid-air. 

The incident happened on Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 operating Flight 3 from Los Angeles to Honolulu on Wednesday (local time).

Crew onboard were joined by an off-duty law enforcement officer in restraining the man when he tried to open one of the aircraft emergency exit doors.

A spokesperson for the airline, Alex Da Silva, said the aircraft landed safely and none of the 194 passengers and 11 crew onboard were injured.

Once on the ground, law enforcement officials including members of the FBI took the man into custody.

"Cabin doors are designed so they cannot be opened during the flight. We sincerely apologise to our guests for the inconvenience and we are cooperating with authorities in their investigation," Da Silva said.