Ryanair tweets series of Donald Trump memes following his 2020 election loss

The jokes have been shared and liked thousands of times.
The jokes have been shared and liked thousands of times. Photo credit: Getty.

Ryanair, the airline famous for its budget airfares, is making waves online for poking fun at Donald Trump and his supporters following the US election.

The first tweet showed two items that are available to purchase onboard Ryanair flights: a bottle of self-tan drops and a Starbucks espresso coffee.

"What Trump buys onboard a Ryanair flight vs what Biden buys on board a Ryanair flight," the airline captioned the picture.

That was followed by an image of Trump appearing to look into Melania Trump's voting booth to see who she was voting for.

"When the person beside you opens their big duty free Milka bar on the flight," the tweet said.

Following Donald Trump Jr's outlandish prediction that almost all of the world would vote for a second Trump presidency, the airline offered assistance to our southernmost chicks.

"If any penguins need to be flown to Antarctica to vote, please let us know, we can open up a new route and we're aware you can't fly," said Ryanair.

Trump loves gold, and the airline's series of tweets continued to be just that.

"Trump declaring victory this early is like disembarking before the plane has landed, we don't recommend," said Ryanair.

And, when Eric Trump told Minnesota to "get out and vote" days after election day, Ryanair was quick to land another one-liner on the president's son.

"Eric, if you do need that €9.99 flight we can push the schedule out a week," the airline posted.