Video captures moment man climbs the wing of Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 at Las Vegas Airport

A man has been taken into custody after putting the lives of himself and hundreds of passengers onboard a Boeing 737 flight out of Las Vegas in danger.

Alaska Airlines 1367 from Las Vegas to Portland was approaching the runway for take-off, when the flight crew spotted the man on the tarmac.

An audio recording of the incident has also revealed just how fast the incident unfolded.

"We got a guy out here," the pilot of Alaska Airlines 1367 informs controllers.

"He's now entering the runway with his hands up. 

"He's on the runway."

Controllers then gave the flight crew permission to do "whatever you need" to get away from the man on the runway, however the decision was made that any such moves would be dangerous.

"We're not going to do that, we are going to shut down, he's running at us right now," they responded.

In the recording, the Alaska Airlines pilots also confirm there were air marshals on board - undercover armed security guards which became commonplace after 9/11.

Video shot by passengers onboard show the man getting onto the wing of the aircraft before removing his shoes and socks and attempting to climb the winglet at the end of the wing.

The man then slips and falls to the ground where he was taken into custody.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has confirmed the man was taken to a medical facility and investigations were ongoing.

Alaska Airlines released a statement saying the aircraft then returned to the terminal where it was given a full inspection before departing around four hours later.