Man arrested after attempting to open door on Delta Airlines plane mid-flight

He was eventually handcuffed to his seat.
He was eventually handcuffed to his seat. Photo credit: Delta Airlines

A passenger onboard a Delta Airlines flight has been arrested after allegedly trying to open the aircraft's main cabin door mid-flight.

Mark French, who was a passenger on Flight 2349 from Atlanta on Sunday (local time), told local media the man tried to open the aircraft door and also hit a flight attendant.

"I saw the stewardess in first class, it seemed like she jumped back. I learned she had been hit," French told ABC News. 

"I stuck my head up and pulled off my headphones, and she was yelling, 'He's trying to open the door!'" he added. 

French said he wasn't going to have a bar of it.

"I'm not going to be taken down by an idiot on an airplane who wants to get off mid-flight."

According to local radio station WCVB, two officers onboard the flight intervened, but had trouble subduing the man. 

"They were both saying, you know, 'We need a belt. We need something for handcuffs,'" French said. "I started yelling at the passengers, 'I need a belt!' Another lady in first class gave me her belt."

The agitated man was eventually handcuffed to the seat, and reportedly yelled for the remainder of the flight: "Let me out of here, this isn't my home.'" 

Delta Airlines confirmed police had been called to meet the flight "due to a disruptive customer on board."

Massachusetts State Police said the FBI were in charge of the investigation because the incident happened in the air.

The Federal Aviation Administration has also been advised.