Nine of the strangest things ever found in motorhome rentals

Nine of the strangest things ever found in motorhome rentals
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On every motorhome holiday or family road trip, you're bound to find your fair share of the weird and wonderful - be it a secluded bay, an amazing lookout or a hidden waterfall.

But the journey of discovery doesn't end once the campervan reaches its final destination.

As the summer school holidays come to a close, Booking agent Motorhome Republic - which operates in New Zealand and other countries - has shared nine of the oddest things holiday-makers have left behind in their vehicles. 

From the suspicious to the saucy, and the funny to the frozen, if one thing is guaranteed it's that this list will leave us with more questions than answers.

Oh deer

Red deer stag protecting its fawn
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It's not a commonly known fact, but deer shed their antlers once a year, which could help to explain why a pair of deer antlers were found left in one returned motorhome in the US. Regardless, staff members are still unsure as to how exactly the antlers got there or why the travellers left them behind.

Give them some credit

A concept image of a person having their credit card information stolen by a criminal.
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After a stolen motorhome was recovered by the police, 30 stolen credit cards were found left inside. It turned out that amongst the huge assortment of stolen cards was the one that had been used to pay for the rental in the first place.


Sad bride crying sitting on a sofa, smitten, pondering, feeling low and depressed
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For many, a wedding dress is a sentimental piece of clothing and reminder of the happiest day of their life, but that didn't stop one traveller from saying yes to leaving the dress behind.

Driving legless

Nine of the strangest things ever found in motorhome rentals
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A prosthetic leg just seems like something you would not easily forget and until this day, the owner of one left in a rental campervan has never come forward. 

Their value was undie-estimated

His and hers pants on the washing line
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They seemed like just a regular pair of cheap underwear, so it's probably not that uncommon for them to be left and forgotten.

But in this case, the owner of the seemingly plain pair of pants contacted Motorhome Republic and asked for them to be couriered back to her as they were "sentimental".

According to staff, the cost of shipping the underwear to the owner cost more than a 10-pack of new ones, so they must have been particularly special.

Hidden value

Nine of the strangest things ever found in motorhome rentals
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A tour guide taking a trip around Europe called a few days after returning an RV to confess that he had stashed away some money in his motorhome, but couldn't remember where. 

Likely story, right? Determined to locate the hundreds Euros he had left behind, the man explained where he suspected he had hidden the money.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the cash was never found.

Hot pot forgot

Korean food
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If plain old camping isn't your flask of tea, you may have tried out glamping instead.

After cooking themselves up a feast, these holiday-makers somehow managed to leave behind their entire hot pot BBQ set. 

The culinary possibilities aside, how could anyone forget such a huge item?


Phoebe, that is juice squeezed from a person

Nine of the strangest things ever found in motorhome rentals
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One of the stranger things an unsuspecting staff member found when cleaning out a returned vehicle was a freezer full of frozen breast milk. But, you have to ask, how did the staff know it was breast milk as opposed to regular milk?


Mobile home on highway
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The final discovery which Motorhome Republic shared with us doesn't leave questions so much as it does curiosity. 

Staff walked in to find duct tape and lipstick all over an RV. Was it a Burning Man event, some sort of art installation, or the leftovers from a heated motorhome rendezvous?

Alas, we will never know because what goes on tour, stays on tour. Even when it comes to motorhome rentals.