Oceania Cruises Around the World in 180 Days voyage sells out within hours

The fact that there's no sign of a start date for cruising to restart amid the COVID-19 pandemic isn't stopping hundreds of people from booking future cruises.

Oceania Cruises, a culinary and destination-focused cruise line, has confirmed that its 2023 Around the World in 180 Days voyage sold all 1250 tickets within one day going on sale in late January.

Bob Binder, the CEO of Oceania Cruises, says it's a sign that fans of cruising are keen to get back out on the water.

"The response to our 2023 around the world voyage clearly illustrates the enthusiasm that experienced travellers have for immersive and memorable travel experiences," Binder said.

"Despite the challenges the world faces today, travellers are clearly bullish on the future and are embracing these new opportunities to travel the world and create lifelong memories."

And it appears it's not just the regulars who are looking to set sail as more than a third of all bookings came from first time customers.

Some were even keen enough to extend their cruise from 180 days to 218 days.

Oceania Cruises Around the World in 180 Days voyage sells out within hours
Photo credit: Oceania Cruises

"The quick uptake from our loyal repeat guests and new first-time guests alike underscores the tremendous pent-up demand for immersive, destination-focused cruises and the strong allure of our acclaimed small-ship experience," Binder said.

The 2023 Around the World in 180 Days voyage will stop at ports in 33 countries across four continents, and the voyage also includes three full days cruising in Antarctica.

Leaving Miami in December 2022, the ship will then head south through the Carribean before dissecting the Americas through the Panama Canal and heading north up the west coast of North America.

It then heads south via Mexico before circumnavigating South America.

It then crosses the Atlantic and calls into more than ten ports on the African continent before heading north to Dubai, then east to India.

It will then travel through Asia, stopping in more than ten cities including Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Bangkok and Singapore.

From there it heads north to eastern Russia before crossing to Alaska, cruising down the west coast of the US again, before it heads through the Panama Canal once more, then north to New York via Miami.

Fares started from around NZ$80,540 per guest - which is a large lump sum. But it works out to be around NZ$447 per night, which is comparable to many hotels of a similar standard when you add in the cost of food and beverages, which are included in the cruise ship fare.