Cat takes over cockpit on Tarco Airlines flight in Qatar, forces emergency landing

It's unclear what happened to the cat once the flight landed.
It's unclear what happened to the cat once the flight landed. Photo credit: Getty (file)/Newshub

It's not uncommon for aircraft emergency landings to make the news, but the reason for this one is anything but regular.

A Tarco Airlines flight was flying from Khartoum, Sudan to Doha, Qatar last weekend, when the pilots in the cockpit were attacked by a cat.

In what could be described as a hairy take-off, the incident happened just a couple of minutes after the flight had left Khartoum International Airport.

Clearly not a fan of flying, the cat's erratic behaviour is said to have made it impossible to catch as it jumped and scratched its way around the cockpit.

The flight had to turn around and return to Khartoum International Airport which, by the way, has the very hissy airport code of HSSS.

At first it was thought perhaps an animal smuggling passenger had let the cat out of the bag after take-off, but further investigations have revealed the cat most likely climbed aboard the aircraft while it was in a hangar the night before the flight.

No serious injuries have been reported and it's unclear as to what happened to the cat once the aircraft landed.