Donghai Airlines suspends two male employees over mid-flight toilet fight

The two men came to blows in the first-class cabin.
The two men came to blows in the first-class cabin. Photo credit: Getty

A pilot and flight attendant have both been suspended by Donghai Airlines in China after allegedly fighting in the bathroom of a flight they were working on.

Donghai Airlines flight DZ6297 had departed Nantong and was 50 minutes from landing in Xian on February 20 when the incident happened.

According to media reports, the pilot was using the toilet closest to the cockpit when a passenger from first class demanded to use it.

The pilot requested the passenger immediately return to his seat, but was ignored. He then took aim at a fight attendant working in the first class cabin, accusing him of "not doing his job properly and affecting flying safety".

An argument is said to have quickly escalated before things turned physical. According to social media posts from passengers, the flight attendant's arm was broken and the pilot lost a tooth.

In a statement from the airline translated into English, the airline said it was investigating.

"The company attached high importance to the argument among the crew members during flight and conducted a strict internal verification. Those staff members involved have been suspended (from) their job to ensure flight safety," the statement said.

An "overall safety rectification" would also be taking place at the airline.

When the employees do eventually return to work, they'll not be allowed to operate on the same flights as each other.