Fiji Airways cancels all flights in response to mystery COVID-19 case

Fiji's national airline has cancelled all international flights for at least a week in response to a mystery COVID-19 infection. 

Of the cancelled flights are six special repatriation flights to get Kiwis back to Auckland. 

"The cancellations are beyond the control of both airlines, and are in place in the interest of safety of customers, staff and the general public," a statement on Fiji Airline's website.

Freight flights will continue to operate.

Air New Zealand operates a weekly service to Nadi and back but due to Fiji's current COVID-19 situation, the airline has been asked to cancel the next passenger service. It'll still fly, but as a cargo flight instead. 

Now, Kiwis in Fiji are effectively stuck there. They have been advised to follow restrictions and seek consular advice if need be. 

Four new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Fiji, but one of them forced the government to take urgent action. 

Fiji's capital and neighbouring towns are on high alert after a woman tested positive for the virus with no clear answer as to how she got it. 

"We get very concerned if we find a case and we do not have information that allows us to track it to any other current cases that we know of," says Health Permanent Secretary Dr James Fong.

"The Ministry of Health is currently very busy doing contact tracing to determine who she has been in contact with before or after she was infected."

Restrictions were escalated because of the mystery infection. Three "containment zones" are being policed 24/7 - no one is allowed in or out for 14 days. 

Hundreds of thousands of residents are only able to leave their homes to access essential services. 

Officials have urged people to keep calm and not to panic buy, warning crowded stores will put shoppers at risk.