Five amazing island destinations in Australia

This sort of isolation is much more appealing than others.
This sort of isolation is much more appealing than others. Photo credit: Getty

It may be the last word you want to see on a travel brochure at the moment, but isolation is a word that has a whole different meaning in 2021.

Australia is of course an island in itself, but the country's 35,877km of coastline is also surrounded by at least 8000 other smaller islands over 3000 coral reefs.  

If this kind of isolation appeals to you, then here are five island escapes for ocean lovers that Kiwis can enjoy in Australia.

27 in One

Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Photo credit: Newshub (File)

The remote Indian Ocean outpost Cocos (Keeling) Islands, (very) Western Australia has dazzling white-sand beaches, world-class diving and a unique cultural blend. 

Visitors can explore the depth of the island's shipwrecks and coral reefs with Cocos Dive, while those looking to explore what's above can visit the untouched southern islands on an outrigger canoe safari.

They're not exactly "just over the harbour bridge" though, so may require a bit of effort and a few flights to get there.

Colourful coral reefs

Fitzroy Island
Fitzroy Island Photo credit: Getty

The sheltered waters of Fitzroy Island, Queensland are perfect for snorkelling or splashing around and are only 15 nautical miles from Cairns. 

There's something for everyone, from sailing over the coloured coral reefs on a glass bottomed boat to visiting the turtle rehabilitation centre.

Then when you get back to the mainland you can check out Queensland's tropical north.

Experience remote barefoot luxury

Lizard Island Resort
Lizard Island Resort Photo credit: Tourism Australia

Lizard Island, also in Queensland, is 200km north of Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef and a stunning place to go snorkelling and hiking.

As well as the spectacular five-star Lizard Island Resort, the island is also home to a research station that educates visitors on the ongoing efforts to preserve the reef.

Seaside retreat

Magnetic Island
Magnetic Island Photo credit: Getty

Step back in time and take a short ferry ride from Townsville to Magnetic Island. Spot koalas in the wild and take part in the various water sports on offer, from snorkelling to fishing and everything in between.

Island atmosphere

Flinders Island.
Flinders Island. Photo credit: Getty

Flinders Island, Tasmania has picturesque rolling hills, sandy beaches and thick bushland. The island is famous for its Flinders Island Crayfish with tours available for visitors to catch their own.

There's enough to do on these islands to fill either a weekend, or an entire week. Then once you're done you can jump back on a flight and head back to the greatest island of all, Aotearoa.