Mechanical failure forces airplane in Florida air show to ditch into the sea

  • 18/04/2021

Beachgoers at Cocoa Beach in Florida got a shock when an old warplane that was part of an airshow had to ditch into the sea just metres from the shore. 

The TMB Avenger was part of the annual Cocoa Beach Airshow near Orlando when the pilot had to make an emergency landing in the ocean on Saturday local time. 

In a post on its Facebook page the show said: "The TBM Avenger performing in the warbird parade had a mechanical issue and the pilot was able to bring the plane down close to the shore.  Rescue personnel were immediately on scene and the pilot is okay." 

The TBM Avenger was an Amercian World War II aeroplane that usually flew from aircraft carriers. It often carried torpedo bombs and first saw action in the Battle for Midway in 1942. 

The plane's grunty engine makes it a favourite for airshows in the US.