National MP Chris Penk releases April Fools' Day Air New Zealand safety video

Not to be outdone by South Australia's 'Go Down South with your Mouth' April Fools' Day promotion, National Party MP Chris Penk has released his own travel video prank: his version of an Air New Zealand safety video.

Posting on Twitter, Penk thanked the airline for "asking me to front the new in-flight safety video, parliament edition!"

The video begins with Penk walking down the front steps of the Beehive, reminding viewers to obey crew instructions at all times, "even from the speaker".

When masking up, Penk reminds people to fit their own mask before helping younger people with theirs, before attempting to put a mask on the face of a mischievous Simeon Brown who swats it away and says: "oh stop it you".

Then there's a plot twist. The video suggests Air NZ had actually wanted former CEO and current National MP Chris Luxon to appear in the video. Speaking from his office, Luxon agrees to feature, but on one condition - and thankfully one that doesn't involve rapping or a hobbit.

"You don't want me body painted, it could put a lot of people off their food," he says. And just like that, the video is over.

The end credits state the video is a product of Chris Penk Productions, starring Chris Penk, is produced by Chris Penk, written by Chris Penk, directed by Chris Penk and ends with special thanks to Team Penk and Chris Penk.

On Penk's Twitter account, many followers appear delighted with his joke.

"Incredible", "amazing", "masterstroke" and "Penkertaining" are among the replies he's received, although one simply says: "dreadful".

Air NZ has been contacted for comment, but is yet to respond. It's possible they're in crisis meetings about how to outdo this epic safety video masterpiece.