New Zealand-Australia travel bubble: Newshub reporters struggle to contain excitement while boarding first flights

The trans-Tasman bubble was meant to reunite best friends and Newshub colleagues, Lisette Reymer and Emma Cropper.

But due to the timing of the first flights between Australia and New Zealand, the closest they will get to each other may be a passing wave as their flights wizz past each other in opposite directions.

Reporting from Auckland International Airport this morning, Reymer said everyone at the airport was in an amazing mood, and travel things that used to seem tedious were actually fun.

"All of the stuff that usually annoys you at airports has been really exciting!" Reymer told The AM Show's Duncan Garner.

"The queuing, the repacking of your luggage because you've packed way too much..."

She even went as far as to say if someone on her flight reclines their chair in front of her, because she's in such a good mood, she would encourage it. 

Across the Tasman, Australia correspondent, Emma Cropper said she walked into Sydney's International Airport yelling "happy trans-Tasman bubble day!"

"You can't underestimate how excited we are to be inside this airport right now about to board a flight, I'm looking forward to jumping in that line behind me," Cropper said.

Reymer, who was getting close to being the last person to board the flight out of Auckland, had some final words for viewers of The AM Show.

"History is being made today, it's like back to school nerves, it feels blimmin' good!"

Follow LIVE updates throughout the day as the Tasman travel bubble opens.