Qantas passenger quoted AU$1 billion for extra legroom

Even more surprising is that they went ahead with booking it.
Even more surprising is that they went ahead with booking it. Photo credit: Newshub (File)

On long-haul flights it may be worth parting with some extra cash to secure more legroom, but one Aussie traveller could be forgiven for expecting an entire empty plane of leg room given what he was quoted for additional seating space.

Comedian Dave O'Neil, who had just finished a run of shows in Melbourne, was apparently told booking extra leg room would cost him just under AU$1 billion.

He was using Qantas' app when he decided to tick the extra legroom option, which then presented him with a fee for AU$987,999,999.

"Hey Qantas, all I wanted was extra legroom on my flight to Perth, very happy to pay for it but this seems a bit expensive," he tweeted along with a screenshot of the fee.

In its reply via Twitter, the airline appeared to acknowledge the humour in the situation.

"Hmmm, does look slightly over the normal price. Would love to take a look at it Dave. Please DM us the booking reference and we'll take a look," Qantas tweeted back.

Out of an abundance of curiosity and perhaps braveness, O'Neil went ahead with booking the extra legroom to find out exactly what would happen.

In the end he was only charged the standard AU$70 for additional space, but he got the bonus of a whole suitcase full of new joke material.