Queensland Premier invited Jacinda Ardern for family holiday to celebrate trans-Tasman bubble

Jacinda Ardern has been invited on a Queensland getaway by the state's Premier.

On Wednesday Annastacia Palaszczuk spoke to Ardern and invited the Prime Minister and her family to holiday in Queensland at the earliest opportunity.

"I hope her family does take that up," Palaszczuk said.

"I know she does like holidaying here...of course she has a very busy job but I hope she will take up the offer."

The invite followed a victorious COVID-19 announcement from Palaszczuk, as the state recorded zero cases of community transmission. She says it is "great news" ahead of the trans-Tasman bubble, opening on April 19.

Palaszczuk's comments followed a busy morning for Ardern, who appeared on multiple Australian television shows to promote New Zealand as a tourist destination.

"It might just be the need for a change of scene, so come and visit one of our cities and enjoy our food and our drink, our shopping," she told The Today Show.

"Or, if you just need a bit of R&R, come and visit a wide open space - our nature, our ski fields, our experiences are incredible."

She added she's "excited" at the news, saying it's been a long time since traveling abroad was an option.

"I have family and friends in Australia and I've had some who have had some really devastating situations here in New Zealand that they've been apart from."