Video: Meet the penguins of SeaLife Kelly Tarlton's Auckland

They're one of the most popular attractions at SeaLife Kelly Tarlton's in Auckland and have been photographed so many times they basically have celebrity status.

But who are these slippery, sliding cheeky members of the Kelly Tarlton's community?

Newshub Travel went inside the penguins habitat to experience the aquarium's penguin encounter and got to know some of its residents, along their unique penguinalities.

As you can see in the video above, you really do get up close and personal with these fascinating creatures.

The cast:

If you were to overhear a conversation about these penguins, you would be forgiven for mistaking the chat to be about the casting of a new sitcom or soap opera. 


Firstly there's three-year-old DJ, a male gentoo penguin. 'Gentoo' doesn't mean he's the son of a baby boomer, it's a species of penguin whose earliest scientific description was made in 1781.

DJ is particularly curious and will always be the first to welcome you into the enclosure, but make sure you don't have anything dangly on you as he gets absolutely fixated on things like holster straps and zips.


Pamela is the youngest of the adult king penguin colony and is still learning how to fully behave as a penguin. Her hobbies include rock or ice climbing, but she has a tendency to fall asleep once at the top, so usually comes toppling back to the ground. 


Much like the Lucy Lawless character of the 1990s, this Xena is extroverted and mischievous.

She enjoys a bit of rough and tumble, and likes to play what appears to be a penguin version of tag. She also gets involved in the upkeep of the enclosure - by stealing brushes and making sure staff clean every inch of the penguin's home.


If there was ever a penguin who was the most likely to have an Instagram account, it would be Cricket - think Sharpay Evans from High School Musical. Cricket is lovely and likes to get on with anyone, so long as she's the centre of attention.

She's often seen strutting around with her chest puffed out and her flippers held back, 'showing off' to anyone watching. Her favourite hobby is collecting pebbles with her partner Gavin.

More information on the penguin experience can be found on the SeaLife Kelly Tarlton's website.