'You could buy a plane for that:' New $54,000 plane-shaped Louis Vuitton bag mocked online

The bag has also been the Twitter target of a major US airline.
The bag has also been the Twitter target of a major US airline. Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

A new Louis Vuitton bag shaped like an airplane has been the target of many jibes online - not only for its price, but also for its shape.

The bag, designed by Virgil Abloh as part of his men's fall-winter 2021 collection, is said to "take the archetypes of the writer, the artist, the drifter, the salesman, the hotelier, the gallery owner, the architect, the student - and investigate the dress codes that inform our predetermined perceptions of these familiar characters".

Priced at NZ$54,000 it's unlikely some on that list of archetypes such as students could afford the bag.

Responses online came thick and fast after CNN's Jeanne Moos reported on the bag's release.

One Twitter user pointed out there are many hundreds of actual aircraft that can be bought for cheaper than the bag, while another simply said: "Where's my lip balm? Have you checked the cockpit?"

A notable response also came from an actual airline.

Southwest Airlines tweeted a picture of their plush plane accessory, which is available for NZ$22.

While being cheaper, the Southwest item doesn't have the same level of inspiration influencing its design when compared to the archetypal study behind the Louis Vuitton Bag.

"Hand-stitched airplane roars with a take-off sound when squeezed. Approximately 8 inches long with 8 3/4 inch wingspan," Southwest's online store says.