Airbnb listing removed for offering accommodation to 'non-vaccinated guests' only

The listing also made outlandish claims about what the vaccine does.
The listing also made outlandish claims about what the vaccine does. Photo credit: Newshub (File)

A listing on accommodation website Airbnb has been taken down after it blocked those who had taken a COVID-19 vaccination from making a booking.


"For the health and safety of not only other guests but also ourselves, all COVID vaccinated guests are asked to find another vacation rental that allows vaccinated guests," the ad continued.

The ad claimed it had been scientifically proven and "clearly stated on the vaccine manufacturers websites," that the MRNA protein in the ingredients of the vaccine "SHED through the vaccinated person's skin, breath etc, and will be passed along to non-vaccinated people."

The ad then changes pace, as though the previous paragraphs didn't exist.

"The cabin is completely sanitised between each guest and is this a safe place to rest, relax, enjoy nature and the surrounding activities that are abundant," it says.

Charlie Warzel, a former writer at BuzzFeed News, posted the listing on Twitter, as well as his direct message conversation with the owners of the property who said they would simply have to assume people were being honest when booking.

"We are not able to prove we have not taken the shots so it's all on the honour system. We just have to all trust each other. If you say you haven't taken the shots we trust you and you are more than welcome here," the property owner's first correspondence said.

But the conversation was short-lived, Warzel believes the owners had seen his tweets.

"Your request has now been denied. The cabin is not and will not be available to you," the message said.

"And you know why."

Airbnb told BuzzFeed News the listing violated its COVID misinformation policies and has been removed.