Indian couple triggers outrage by hosting large wedding on plane to avoid COVID-19 restrictions

A couple who tied the knot on a chartered plane to avoid COVID-19 social distancing restrictions in India arrived back on land to confetti made of anger and outrage.

Rakesh-Dakshina hired an aircraft for two hours so his wedding could take place in the sky, technically avoiding the Indian government's restriction of a maximum of 50 people at any event.

The airborne vows took place on a SpiceJet aircraft with as many as 160 guests onboard.

Video of the ceremony was posted on Twitter with a caption saying: "Rakesh-Dakshina from Madurai, who rented a plane for two hours and got married in the wedding sky. Family members who flew from Madurai to Bangalore after getting married by SpiceJet flight from Bangalore to Madurai. #COVID19India #lockdown."

However, the couple have been accused of selfishness and stupidity by others who say the wedding could easily turn into a super spreader event.

"Then you wonder why COVID-19 is spreading so much in India. It takes just one of them to have it and spread it to everyone on the plane! Actually hope they get it to teach them a lesson," Amjid Khan said in response to the video.

Another took aim at the airline for allowing the event to take place.

"@flyspicejet How could you allow that. It's ridiculous. @MoCA_GoI  must take action against @flyspicejet @DGCAIndia for letting its plane be used as a wedding destination and violating the COVID-19 norms," Prashant Kanha tweeted.

The BBC reports India's aviation authority has launched an investigation and the  Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India has confirmed the SpiceJet crew members who worked on the flight are now off duty.

A SpiceJet spokesperson said the aircraft had been chartered to fly from Madurai to Bangalore and that the client had been "clearly briefed on COVID-19 guidelines to be followed and denied permission for any activity to be performed on board".

The mile-high ceremony comes amid India suffering a horrific COVID-19 crisis which as killed at least 300,000 people in the country.