Janek Gazecki says he's getting death threats over plans to build resort at Bondi Beach

Community backlash over plans to build a controversial resort on the sand at Sydney's Bondi Beach has taken a sinister turn.

The man behind the plans, Janek Gazecki, claims he's been receiving death threats which are now being investigated by police. 

Gazecki told 7 News he had been told to "sleep with one eye open and to take out life insurance" over the backlash.

Tension amongst residents of Bondi Beach is so heated Gazecki was even the target of verbal abuse as he was being interviewed. 

In the footage, Gazecki called on the heckler to speak to him face to face.

"Why don't you come over here buddy and have a chat?" he says, to which the passer-by replies telling him to "shut up".

"You're not going to get it through!" he yells.

A petition against the development has already received tens of thousands of signatures.

Watch 7 News' Amber Laidler's full report in the video above.