Live bat in business class forces Air India flight to land

The bat was eventually found hanging out in business class.
The bat was eventually found hanging out in business class. Photo credit: Getty/Asianet

An Air India heading to New York last week had to return to its origin of New Delhi when a live bat was discovered onboard 30 minutes into the flight.

Shocked passengers on flight AI105 screamed as the bat, obviously confused about its surroundings, reportedly darted around the aircraft at speed. 

In a video posted on social media, crew members can be seen attempting to catch the animal while ducking for cover at the same time.

"Wildlife staff were called to catch and take away the bat. The aircraft landed safely at around 3:55am," local officials said.

The bat, perhaps tired from the stress of swooping amongst the passengers onboard, eventually found his way to business class, where it was discovered still hanging out once the flight had landed.

Asianet reported the bat was found sitting in 8F. Once it was removed, the aircraft was fully fumigated.

An Air India employee told local media that the source of the bat was likely one of the catering vehicles as "rats and bats come from their vehicle" all the time.