Trans-Tasman tax: Flying to Gold Coast instead of Brisbane could save you hundreds

There are calls to reduce airport taxes to encourage more travel.
There are calls to reduce airport taxes to encourage more travel. Photo credit: Getty Images

If you're keen on travelling within the Tasman bubble but feel the airfares aren't quite affordable enough yet, switching which airport you land at could save you hundreds.

Due to a recent increase in airport levies, it now costs NZ$305.66 in taxes and fees to fly in and out of Brisbane Airport, however the taxes and fees for a return flight to Gold Coast Airport are significantly lower at NZ$175.26.

For a family of four, flying to the Gold Coast instead of Brisbane could save you as much as NZ$521 in taxes. 

That's almost enough to take an extra person with you.

Brisbane's increased International Passenger Service Charge is in addition to a passenger movement charge, a border clearance levy, a passenger security charge, a passenger service charge and a safety and security charge, totalling on the days randomly selected through online booking websites to NZ$305.66.

Tourism Industry Aotearoa Chief Executive Chris Roberts says the Tasman is already the most highly taxed air route in the world, and taxes often make up the biggest percentage of an airline ticket price. 

"The charges have been regularly added to over time, and can now often be the majority of the ticket price. As we try to rebuild air links, and support the movement of people, we need to ensure our airfares can remain competitive and attractive," Roberts said. 

"Increasing the cost of travel will stop some people from travelling; and for those who do, they will have a little less to spend at their destination. As we rebuild tourism, we need to be getting as many visitor dollars as we can to our beleaguered tourism operators."

Brisbane Airport's tax increase begins on July 1.