Video of woman giving birth to baby mid-flight viewed more than ten million times on TikTok

Despite being a domestic flight, the baby isn't guaranteed US citizenship.
Despite being a domestic flight, the baby isn't guaranteed US citizenship. Photo credit: TikTok/juliabernice

The birth of a baby is usually an intimate event with a handful of medical staff and a family member or two present at the most.

However a video of a woman giving birth recently during a domestic flight in the US has quickly amassed more than ten million views on TikTok.

The woman was traveling from Salt Lake City to Honolulu on April 28 when she went into labour mid-flight.

Julia Hansen started filming on her phone when she noticed a lot of movement and noise coming from further back in the cabin, but wasn't exactly sure what was happening. 

"Then there's a little baby crying," Hansen told the Washington Post.

Delta Airlines has confirmed that a baby was born on the flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu.

Luckily there were both doctors and nurses onboard when the call went out over the PA system for medical professionals to make themselves known.

No other details about the family or the newborn are yet known, and Hansen said she didn't show the faces of the family members as to protect their privacy.

Delta Airlines doesn't restrict pregnant women from flying, but does ask that they check with their doctors before doing so.

"If you're traveling after your eighth month, it's a good idea to check with your doctor to be sure travel is not restricted," the airline's website says.

While the birth was relatively straightforward given the situation, the same can't be said for the newborn child's US citizenship.

A clause in the State Department Foreign Affairs Manual states "a US-registered aircraft outside US airspace is not considered to be part of US territory", and "a child born on such an aircraft outside US airspace does not acquire US citizenship by reason of the place of birth".

But if a child is born over US airspace, they would be granted US citizenship.