American Airlines axes iconic American Way in-flight magazine after 55 years

The first and last issue of American Way.
The first and last issue of American Way. Photo credit: Supplied

American Way, the in-flight magazine of American Airlines which has become almost as iconic as the airline itself, is being removed from the seatback pocket for the very last time.

The airline launched American Way in 1966 when fashion and travel were closely intertwined. Its closure brings to an end a chapter of the company's history which lasted over five decades.

Since its inception, the inflight magazine has been a constant on American Airlines flights, packed with cultural, lifestyle and travel-related feature articles. The magazine will retire at the end of June, which the airline is calling "bittersweet" while pointing to further investment in onboard entertainment.

While the last issue of American Way, published by global travel media company Ink, is on planes now, American is focusing on enhancing its inflight offerings to "give customers the content they want most".

In addition to their library of up to 600 movies and TV shows, American will soon introduce new inflight travel and lifestyle content offerings. Customers also be able to stream their own devices to their seat back screens.

The airline says the change will also eliminate the amount of paper waste and reduce weight of the aircraft.

The total weight of the magazines on an aircraft of 300 people is estimated to be around 140kg.