Dramatic images of snow-covered aircraft grounded at Queenstown Airport

Air New Zealand has confirmed 12 flights have been cancelled across its network today due to bad weather, with a number of services being delayed also.

In these dramatic photos and videos, you can see why.

An Air NZ Airbus A320 can be seen parked on the tarmac at Queenstown Airport, with snow falling and ice leaching onto the fuselage. The iconic airline livery can, in parts, barely be seen due to the thickness of the ice.

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand

An aircraft de-icer was put to good use to try and remove as much ice as possible from the plane.

The liquid being pumped onto the aircraft is made up of different chemicals which causes the ice to soften up and slide off the wing.

Air NZ says its advice to passengers expecting to travel today is for them to contact the airline via its website or call centre.

The airline warns that the call centre is currently very busy due to weather conditions in New Zealand and the bubble closure with Australia.