Instagram influencer caught faking business class flight

Océane El Himer tried to fool her 868,000 followers - but she was caught.
Océane El Himer tried to fool her 868,000 followers - but she was caught. Photo credit: Océane El Himer / Instagram / Twitter

A French influencer has been caught trying to fool her followers, claiming she flies business class when she was actually sitting in economy. 

Océane El Himer, a French influencer who rose to fame on a reality show in which she competed against her twin sister for a man's affection, posted a picture of herself standing in a business class seat of an Emirates flight. 

“Next Stop – Monaco. Je fly toute la night (I fly all night)," she captioned the picture, posted to her 868,000 followers. 

However, Himer's ruse was broken by an eagle-eyed fan, who spotted her in economy class, wearing the same outfit as in the post. 

The fan took a sneaky snap of the influencer, which subsequently went viral on Twitter. 

"Mdr Océane who is kind of traveling in business class while traveling in ECO," a rough translation of the tweet reads.

"The worst part is that she took the time to take a picture of herself in business just to be the girl on Instagram."

Although the number one rule of social media is to not believe everything you see on social media, the viral post has opened up a conversation on Twitter about whether it actually matters if influencers fake their Instagram posts. 

One Twitter user says they "applaud" Himer's behaviour. 

"She's posting what she knows will do well and ultimately get her paid while also saving money by buying the cheaper seat, as opposed to an unnecessary luxury. Seems like wise spending to me," they said. 

When some Twitter users questioned why this influencer needed to be exposed at all, one user explained it was important Himer's followers don't fall for unrealistic expectations. 

"It's good to expose these unrealistic standards these fake internet models set for young girls and boys so they don't grow up idolising the wrong people and the wrong lifestyle," the user pointed out. 

It seems Himer has had the last laugh, posting another picture in business class, this time en route to Paris. 

"Thank you all, thanks to you I have a Business subscription!" the caption reads.