Luxury LAS travel brand puts forward proposal to keep America's Cup in New Zealand

It's proposing a fan club of commercial supporters.
It's proposing a fan club of commercial supporters. Photo credit: Luxury LAS

As the next host city is chosen for the America's Cup, it's becoming increasingly likely an overseas port will be chosen over Auckland, Team New Zealand's home base. 

In an effort to turn things around and keep the potential earnings from the global event in New Zealand pockets, the team at Luxury LAS, a travel company has put forward a proposal that would see tourist brands and operators form an alliance or 'fan club', donating a percentage of their profits to Team New Zealand.

Team New Zealand recently turned down a $99 million joint-offer from the Government and Auckland Council, opening up the possibility the event will be hosted overseas.

Kyria Warren, the founder of Luxury LAS knows all too well the importance of having the Cup here in Aotearoa. Her entire business was formed around the event.

"I went from having one charter boat to having twenty out on the water over the cup. I was then able to expand and offer my clientele luxury accommodation options, private jets and helicopters" Warren said.

At a recent Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron meeting, Warren spoke on the importance of hosting the America's Cup in New Zealand and voiced her concern about the economic implications of not hosting the Cup. 

"My concern is with New Zealand's economy, it's the ports, the hotels, the accommodation venues, Airbnb owners, taxi and uber drivers, chefs, all of these businesses win if the Cup is held here in Aotearoa".

"It also has a flow-on effect for our tourism industry. People travel to New Zealand to watch the Cup and end up travelling all over the country. Then, they go back and tell their friends and family how beautiful our country is, so it truly is a domino effect."

It was at this event that the idea of a 'fan club' came about.

The club would consist of companies who would benefit financially from the Cup being hosted in Auckland pledging a percentage of their sales back to the Cup itself.

Warren described the idea as "a no-brainer."

"Being one of the richest sports in the world, it wouldn't take a lot of companies to band together to make any sort of difference.

"I always have the attitude that it is not over, until it's over. If we all stop thinking small and start thinking big, we could quite possibly put New Zealand on the map."

As recently as Wednesday, a group of investors in Spain said they could access as much as €17 billion (approximately NZ$28.7 billion) to put towards hosting the event.