Scottish home chef misses airline food so much, he's recreating it at home

The "aviation geek" has been missing airline food so much, he's decided to recreate it.
The "aviation geek" has been missing airline food so much, he's decided to recreate it. Photo credit: Nik Sennhauser / Instagram

A Scottish man is missing airline food so much, he's decided to recreate his own version at home. 

Nik Sennhauser, who lives in the city of Glasgow, used to fly every three weeks - but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and he hasn't been onboard a flight since February 2020. 

"The first time I got on a plane I was about five months old," he tells CNN

"I grew up between Austria and Thailand, so I'd be on a plane every two to three months or so." 

He says a plane was the "one place, as a kid, I would eat the whole meal without question". 

"At home, my mum would force me to eat stuff… but on a plane I'd just eat whatever I was given. I remember getting on the plane and looking forward to the food." 

Sennhauser has family all over the world, so the self-professed "aviation geek" says flying almost felt like "home". 

"My whole life revolved around flying," he says. 

"I used to spend all my free time on Google Flights, punching in dates, destinations and budgets."

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown put a halt on Sennhauser's zipping around the world, but the aviation geek has found a new hobby to pass the time at home. 

Sennhauser spends every weekend scrolling through pictures of old plane meals he enjoyed, then choosing one to make from scratch. 

He recreates the meal as authentically as possible - right down to the genuine airline tray. 

"Being a plane geek I have a trolley filled with glasses, plates and cutlery," he explains.

"The amazing thing about it is that I've actually become a better cook, because I had to go and research recipes."

"The meals aren't just for Instagram - they have to taste good, because they're actually our Sunday meals, and I have to feed my husband."

Sennhauser jokes he has one rule - that it needs to be edible. 

"A plastic tray with exciting tasty food is acceptable… a plastic tray with pretty looking but disgusting food might lead to divorce."