Air New Zealand flights from New South Wales to New Zealand sell out in just 15 minutes

Air New Zealand has confirmed all nine flights organised to help Kiwis stranded in New South Wales come home sold out within minutes.

The flights went on sale at 10am Monday morning and by 10:15am, all of them were gone.

However, the airline says it will be releasing more seats on the flights if and when more spots in managed isolation facilities (MIQ) become available. Those still wanting to return home are advised to keep checking.

The flights were announced early on Monday morning, just 30 minutes before they went on sale. 

How to book: 

  • Check Air NZ's website to book managed return seats
  • Once a customer has secured a flight booking, their MIQ space is automatically confirmed. There is no need to book a place in a MIQ before booking with Air NZ as managed isolation bookings are automatically assigned to a customer's flight
  • If unsuccessful, keep checking back online for available flights

As more MIQ allocations are provided, more corresponding seats will be made available for booking.