Plane passenger's wet response to dirty bare foot on his armrest goes viral

A traveller's response to a fellow passenger's inconsiderate foot placement is racking up hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok.

In the video, posted by the.walker.twins, a dirty foot is seen creeping through a gap between seats from the row behind and resting on the uploader's arm rest.

The man, presumably named Walker, gives off a look of disgust through his facemask after showing the intruding foot wiggling its toes.

It's what he does next that has people going crazy on the like button in support.

He grabs his water bottle and pours some onto the foot, resulting in it jerking backward. Not only did it solve the problem of the foot taking over his armrest, it also gave the foot what appears to be a much needed wash.

Many commenters on the video suggest Walker should have sneezed on the man's foot, or used hot coffee instead of cold water.

"I can't even imagine having that level of audacity to put my FOOT on a stranger's armrest like HOW?" asked a TikTok user called FatArmy.

Tisha Shain simply said: "Oh hell to the no."