TikTokker fakes pregnancy to avoid baggage charge and get VIP treatment boarding a flight

She has been called 'a scammer and a liar'.
She has been called 'a scammer and a liar'. Photo credit: TikTok/@miniadvantures

A US TikTok user has posted a video apparently showing them fooling airport staff and security into not only giving her priority boarding, but allowing her to take an additional bag onboard for free.

Faced with the laborious task of queuing to get her boarding pass, TikTokker @miniadvantures decided to shove an extra bag up her sweatshirt, mimicking a baby bump.

The prank appeared to be successful, no water bottles broke, and now the video has been watched on TikTok by over 13 million people.

Text on the video says: "When you get a $44 flight but can only bring a backpack."

Comments on the post were mostly in support of the woman's action, but not entirely.

"Genius, and also the type of person who makes the world a worse place. Yep. I said it. A scammer, a cheat, a liar, a fraud. Oh, and entitled," one user said.

"It doesn't work for guys," another man said.

This comment, however, may just take the cake for tone deaf entitlement: "I'm going to buy a pregnancy belly from Amazon and just get treated like a princess all the time! And preferred parking!  YAS!"

The profile of the user behind the video @miniadventures says her interests are travel, vanlife and inspiration. She is also a Youtube vlogger.