US singer Caroline Jones showcases Raglan to millions in new video

Caroline Jones taking Raglan to the country music world.
Caroline Jones taking Raglan to the country music world. Photo credit: Caroline Jones

A popular American musician and singer both fell in love in and with New Zealand mid-pandemic in 2020 during what she called a journey of self-discovery.

Now she's sharing her love of Destination Aotearoa with her massive audience back home in the US.

Caroline Jones, who has more than 10 million Spotify streams under her belt, came to New Zealand to find inspiration and to work on her sophomore studio album.

She was blown away by the scenery and the locals in one town in particular. 


"They are some of the most good-humoured, good-natured, authentic people I've ever had the pleasure of being around," Jones said.

It's here Jones filmed a jam session with local band, The Trenwiths. 

In the 30-minute video released this week, Jones and the band play on a dramatic clifftop in the Waikato coastal town.

While the music is the main character, the landscape of Raglan in the background plays a spotlight-stealing supporting role.

"Before I left New Zealand to come back to America, I bought a couple of cameras to capture one of our jams, which we edited down into this video called 'The Raglan Sessions'," she said.

They say word of mouth is the best form of advertising and in this case Jones will be taking her love for New Zealand around the US, where she shares the stage with the likes of Jimmy Buffett & the Eagles, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.