Disneyland Parks replaces FastPass replaced with Lightning Lane subscription service

Once happy fans are now very grumpy.
Once happy fans are now very grumpy. Photo credit: Disney

A visit to Disneyland is a long way off for us Kiwis, but regardless of your thoughts on whether it's safe or not, Americans are already back and packing into the theme parks across the US.

Some of them are very grumpy while at "the happiest place on earth", thanks to a new announcement from the Disney Parks company.

The well-known and much used 'FastPass' system at Disneyland is being scrapped, it's replacement will a new subscription service which will allow members to skip the lines and get straight onto the rides.

The new Lightning Lane costs US$15 per day, per ticket at Walt Disney World Resort and $20 per ticket per day at Disneyland Resort.

It will allow customers to choose the next available time for many of the attractions using the Lightning Lane entrance, however the app will only allow you to choose one ride at a time.

The previous FastPass system allowed park visitors to get tickets for access to express lanes onto the rides later in the day for free.

Timon said in The Lion King, "Bad things happen and you can't do anything about it"; that's how many Disney Park fans are feeling.

Sarahy Lopez pointed out the additional cost to parents taking their kids to Disneyland.

"Sorry, Timmy, I know your favourite movie is Cars but it's either wait two hrs or pay $40 dollars," she tweeted.

BelievinCami was straight to the point with her feedback: "I have A LOT to say about genie plus and none of it is good."

Others seemed more amused by the outrage than the rides themselves.

"Me, a single rider, watching people freak out about having to pay for Fastpass now," said Twitter user Disney Fully-Vaccinated Shill.

While single day entry tickets depend on the day you plan on attending, a two day pass to Disneyland Resort which includes Disneyland and California Adventure starts at Two-Day US$235, or US$290 if you want to move between the two parks on the same day.

Converted into New Zealand currency, the cost for two days at Disneyland with the included Lightning Line for a family of four would be around NZ$1931.