Qantas to give away a year's free international travel as part of vaccination campaign

Just a week after announcing vaccination passports will be needed to fly internationally on Qantas, the airline's  CEO Alan Joyce has announced further steps the airline will take to help increase the number of people vaccinated in Australia.

Joyce said by the end of 2021, the airline will look into gifting things such as Qantas frequent flyer points, or discounts off Qantas and Jetstar airfares, to those who are vaccinated.

"In addition, there are going to be 10 super prizes, one for each state and territory, which will give people on the Qantas and Jetstar network unlimited flying for a year. So you could go, when international opens up, to New York every week, London every other week, if you wanted to do that," Joyce said.

The airline has teamed up with hotel chain Accor, which has chipped in to give tens of thousands of dollars worth of free accommodation to those ten winners, and BP will also be chipping in to help with fuel.

"We're hoping to get the technology ready within the next few weeks or few months so that we can get people to register and award those incentives by the end of the calendar year," Joyce said.