Fiordland tourist town of Te Anau to move into daylight saving for good

The tourist town of Te Anau has made a big decision about its future.

Next week, when the country moves into daylight saving, Te Anau has decided to stay there for good.

They say more time in the day is needed to allow visitors to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Te Anau is what you might call a bit of a time warp - but it's decided that what it wants is its own time zone.

When the rest of the country winds its clock forward this week Te Anau will do it for good.

"Well the process is we just won't agree with the government, we'll just do our thing and tack an hour on!" says Visit Fiordland manager Stu Cordelle. "We're on Te Anau Time!"

Freshly erected signs are a cue for visitors to set their clocks to Te Anau time.

The usually bustling gateway to Fiordland is currently dead - and tourism operators say an extra hour in the day gives people more time to do everything the region has to offer.

From taking a floatplane to a quiet bay:

"Not too many places in NZ you can roar up and down the main street and locals love it, we're pretty fortunate," says Wings & Water CEO Kylie Krippner.

To cruising on a 1930s motor yacht for an elegant trip back in time.

"It feels quite timeless, so the idea of a slow relaxed pace. She cruises at about 7 knots, it's a lovely way to watch the world goes past," says Fiordland Historic Cruises owner/operator Adam Butcher.

"Oh it's outstanding, like seriously we have daylight here for an hour-and-a-half longer than the rest of the country," says Fiordland Jet owner Chris Adams.

"Come and do a late jet boat trip, bike back, do the Kepler Track, have a beer with the sun still out."

Alongside the spectacular scenery visitors also have more time to enjoy famous Fiordland hospitality - that extra hour lending itself quite well to having an extra glass.

"There's no hurry here, ya got time, ya got plenty of time, arrive make sure you spend a couple of days, plenty to do,  be laid back and forget about your clock," Adams says.

Just remember to wind your clock back again when you leave.